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Factual statements about Ancient China

Going plays an important part within our education. It features a particular importance to pupils. Travelling supplies the opportunity for this. It has additionally a excellent informative value. Travel writing for a style has exploded in the last ten years. Sometime, travel books or private documents are doomed. 18570

Confirmed VPN wants to bring transparency to the VPN industry

The VPN industry sucks. Dozens of companies promise you the impossible dream of perfect privacy. But it’s simply a big lie. A company called Confirmed VPN wants to change that by holding VPN companies accountable. WTF is a VPN? VPN companies let you establish an encrypted tunnel between your device and a

Facebook settles Oculus VR lawsuit with ZeniMax

Nearly five years after announcing its acquisition of Oculus VR, Facebook is finally ready to put behind it the drama surrounding its founding. Gaming giant ZeniMax Media’s lawsuit against Facebook over the misuse of intellectual property related to the founding of Oculus VR has finally been settled. In a statement, ZeniMax CEO

Proof of use: A new crowdfunding threshold for passionate users

Galen Moore Contributor Galen Moore is director of Business Development at New Alchemy. Right now, most participants in U.S. private placements must be “accredited” investors, meaning $200,000 annual income over multiple years or $1 million in net worth, not including your primary residence. These numbers have not changed since 1982, though inflation in