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Lancey will make smart radiators with recycled e-bike batteries

Batteries are the future of home energy consumption. But where do you put them? In the garage, or the side of your house? French startup Lancey has a more discrete solution: inside radiators. The team is already producing electric heaters that have a 600W or 1200W battery inside. If you

IBM aims to use crowdsourced sensor data to improve local weather forecasting globally

IBM is hoping that mobile barometric sensors from individuals opting in, supercomputing ,and the Internet of Things can make weather forecasting more local globally. Big Blue, which owns The Weather Company, will outline the IBM Global High-Resolution Atmospheric Forecasting System (GRAF). GRAF incorporates IoT data in its weather models via crowdsourcing. While

DXC Technology to scoop up Luxoft in $2b deal

DXC Technology has announced its intention to acquire software development firm Luxoft for approximately $2 billion. DXC said the acquisition will accelerate its digital growth and scale-out strategy, and will also broaden access to digital talent, with Luxoft currently boasting a workforce of close to 13,000 people. Under the terms of the

Citi slashes sales outlook for iPhone XS Max by nearly half

Citi Research has joined a growing list of analysts to lower first-quarter production estimates for Apple’s iPhones amid weakening demand for the smartphones. Citi Research analyst William Yang cut the overall iPhone shipment forecast by 5 million to 45 million for the quarter, reported Reuters. That’s a sting that falls

Tencent left out as China approves the release of 80 new video games

Chinese internet giant Tencent has been excluded from the first batch of video game license approvals issued by the state-run government since March. China regulators approved Saturday the released of 80 online video games after a months-long freeze, Reuters first reported. None of the approved titles listed on the approval list were

Alibaba-backed Hellobike bags new funds as it marches into ride-hailing

2018 has been a rough year for China’s bike-sharing giants. Alibaba-backed Ofo pulled out of dozens of international cities as it fought with a severe cash crunch. Tencent-backed Mobike puts a brake on expansion after it was sold to neighborhood services provider Meituan Dianping. But one newcomer is pedaling against the

The Essential Phone is effectively discontinued

An already rough year for smartphone startup Essential appears to be ending on a sour note. Droid Life spotted that the company's flagship Essential Phone, also known as the PH-1, is out of stock and won't be coming back. The company has confirmed the handset won't be restocked, effectively discontinuing