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Three ways DevOps will be more finely tuned in 2019

"DevOps is no longer a fringe movement." Cloud, security and AI will more finely tune DevOps. Photo: Joe McKendrick That's the word from Wesley Pullen, chief DevOps strategist at Electric Cloud, in a presentation at the recent DevOps Enterprise Summit. There are now enough proof points on implementations to justify DevOps

MIT researchers are now 3D printing glass

While the thought of a machine that can squirt out endless ropes of molten glass is a bit frightening, the folks at MIT have just about perfected the process. In a paper published in 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing, researchers Chikara Inamura, Michael Stern, Daniel Lizardo, Peter Houk, and Neri

Here’s how to play a game from Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch episode

If you’ve gone down the rabbit hole with Netflix’s latest Black Mirror release, there’s (at least) one more easter egg out there. As some intrepid Reddit users discovered, you can actually visit two different versions of fictional software company Tuckersoft’s website and… spoilers ahead. On the regular Tuckersoft site, discovered through

More popular apps are sending data to Facebook without asking

It's not just dating and health apps that might be violating your privacy when they send data to Facebook. A Privacy International study has determined that "at least" 20 out of 34 popular Android apps are transmitting sensitive information to Facebook without asking permission, including Kayak, MyFitnessPal, Skyscanner and TripAdvisor.

Early internet pioneer Larry Roberts dies at 81

The internet has lost one of its early architects. Larry Roberts, best known as the program manager for ARPAnet (the internet's precursor), died on December 26th at the age of 81. While he wasn't as much of a public representative for the internet as people like Tim Berners-Lee or Vint

AT&T portable battery will charge both your Apple Watch and iPhone

Apple's AirPower charging mat may be a no-show, but that doesn't mean you're out of luck if you want a multi-device charger from a big-name brand. Entries at both the FCC and the Wireless Power Consortium have revealed that AT&T is working on the Power Drum, a portable wireless charger

Amazon will build more Whole Foods stores to expand Prime Now

Amazon hasn't been shy about using Whole Foods stores to hawk its own wares, but now it's apparently building stores with that primarily in mind. Wall Street Journal sources have learned that the internet giant aims to build and enlarge Whole Foods locations around the US to put more people